Are you Feeling Lost in the Wilderness?

My four-year-old son and I like to go out for bear hunts. Or at least, that’s what we call it. Yesterday he begged and begged for me to take him but it was that kinda day when everything is running behind. Helter-skelter, if you know what I mean. I didn’t think I could even spare a minute, but somehow his persistence made me change my mind.

We have 30 minutes and not a second more. I have some errands that I have to run and then we have a doctor’s appointment.

As soon as he heard me say, “Yes” he was out the door, reaching for his bicycle helmet dangling above his bike with the training wheels on.

I called for our five-month-old puppy, Luna, who was also gleefully pouncing at the door. Dog leash on…we were ready to go.

You see, bear hunts are special. We ride down the street to an abandoned road that has been gated off to traffic. I feel safe there. No traffic to fret about and therefore, we can ride on with ease. It is a heavily forested area that I typically find restful and peaceful. I like to walk and talk to God in this vastness of fresh air.

I let the dog off the leash and my two little bumpkins quickly raced off. Me…running behind, quickly realizing that my son had become an avid bike rider in a rather short amount of time.

I could feel the clock ticking and I’ll be honest, it was difficult for me to dive in and enjoy the moment. Despite the gorgeous weather, I had plenty of other things racing through my mind. I hollered out to Comerson and Luna, “All right, time’s up. Time to take this party home.”

The Big Bear Hunt

Comerson went down a path and I thought it looked familiar. I was pretty certain it would wind up in our backyard. But after half an hour, I realized that my sense of direction was completely wrong. Suddenly, in the vastness, I️ felt completely lost in life.

Mom, you should’ve made me stay in girl scouts.

An hour had passed and we were still going. This trail just went on and on. The neighbors had told me there are 300 miles of trails in the greenbelt behind us and now, I reckon it so. I had my phone with me and looked at the map. But of course, it didn’t have a clue. It was busy re-routing…I didn’t know what else to do.

About this time, I panicked. I didn’t want to. I kept telling myself not to. But regardless, the tears began to well up inside. I no longer was enjoying this walk and deeply longed to be home. Man, it was hot outside. No water. No map.

Rather than consuming beauty, I focused my attention on all the wrongness I could find.

And here’s where this crazy, mixed-up story takes a twisted turn to you. I know some of you out there are on some kind of journey. Life feels like a bumpy, out of control, rickety roller coaster. You feel lost in life. There are unexpected turns, dips, and jerks and you ask, “When will it ever end?” Maybe you wish you could go back in time and have a do-over about a couple of things. The mess we find ourselves in is kinda confusing. If you’re like me, you just wanna go home. Here’s the good news: one day we will get to go…

“I’m asking God for one thing,
    only one thing:
To live with him in his house
    my whole life long.
I’ll contemplate his beauty;
    I’ll study at his feet.”

Psalm 27:4

Stuck out in the middle of nowhere and yet less than a mile from home. Feeling like a wandering Israelite. Waiting for the manna to show. I was utterly L.O.S.T. and begrudgingly called my husband to let him know it. He is such a kind-hearted man that he dropped everything at work and came to our rescue. I didn’t think things could get much worse, but just then, my little guy tipped over and fell on a cactus.

When you feel lost in life

We eventually made it home.

You will make it home.

God sent his son Jesus to rescue us.

Whatever you are facing today, it is not too big for God to handle. He knows right where you are…even when you feel lost in life! Sometimes He takes away everything so He becomes our ONLY. Sometimes we need reminding that we need saving.

Do you currently feel lost in life? What hope can you have?