I’ve got some good news….and some honest truth.

There comes a time when we need someone to give us a word of encouragement. We all encounter some rough patches in our lives. Times when we don’t know how to keep on keeping on. Times when we are unsure what our life journey is all about. And for this reason, I️ have some good news…and some truth.

First of all, thank you.

Thank you for writing letters of encouragement, sending personal emails to share what God is up to in your lives, sharing twitter posts to let me know you are listening, and telling others about an inspiring word through your Facebook likes.

I am blessed by you!

For those of you who have been reading for a while, you may know that this blog started two years ago upon the heels of my first bible study being published. It is an in-depth study about the life of Eve and how much we are like her (if only we would willingly admit so). I first published with Crossbooks, only to discover within months, that they were closing their doors. It was difficult to swallow this was some good news.

Lesson #1: It’s hard to sell a book without a publisher.

Lesson #2: I don’t always understand what God is up to.

The first go-around, I had placed high expectations on God…sorta telling Him what I wanted Him to do. I wanted to sell a lot of books. And I wanted to speak and tell other women about what God can do. Interestingly, I️ thought this would be the start of a global women’s ministry. I thought for sure I knew what God was going to do.

God operates on His time clock

But this time, my heart is in a completely different place. And honestly, this is some good news. I️ have no idea what God will do. I am humbled beyond belief to even be here. My book was purchased by Westbow Press (a division of Thomas Nelson Publishing) and is back on the market again. This time, this bible study is first and foremost to be used for God’s glory as He sees fit. And secondly, it is about you. For that reason, I️ am jumping out of the picture. And I am sitting at home praying for you.

I find myself once again uttering the words, “I didn’t want to be THAT girl!” And yet, once again I am. I am. I am the one who gets out of line. Who has to have an agenda. The one who thinks she has it all figured out. Who cannot even find her car keys? Yep, I am that girl.

A mess that needs some mending.

And I have an incline that you are as well.

If you are looking for a daily devotional to inspire you and get you back on track (lumped full of love and compassion), please join me on the pages of my NEWLY PUBLISHED BOOK. You can find it on Westbow Press Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. I️ know we all could use some good news!

Before you go…think of one person you can encourage today. There is someone in your world who desperately needs it!

How has a word of encouragement kept you going? Go ahead and share some good news!