What do you think of Tim Tebow?

We have had an amazing week at MyLifeSpeaks and I wanted to share about a special evening…thanks to Tim Tebow. He came and visited Neply, Haiti last summer and was touched to see our orphanage for kids with special needs.

In Haiti, anyone who is different is considered cursed due to the prevalent voodoo culture. They are shunned by their society and even their own families. Often, they are beaten or worse yet, left to die.

Tim Tebow showed the village of Neply a different perspective…God’s perspective. God cares about the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40). Tim made sure these orphans know that they matter. They are special. And God created them in His very own image.

One of my favorite things is that every single participant was crowned either King or Queen. I love how he made everyone feel extraordinarily special!

Thank you Tim for caring & sharing your time!

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