15 Things You Must Pray for Your Kiddos

Start children off in the way they should

With the bombardment of traffic, you have probably noticed one thing…school is back in session. And let’s face it, school is not what it used to be. There comes an immense amount of pressure to succeed and pass state tests, to fit in with the so-called “in” crowd, to excel academically and athletically and musically, and a myriad of other things.

As a parent, we make sure our kids are eating healthy. Participating in sports. Taking band lessons. Getting plenty of sleep. But what about remembering to pray for our kids?

One of my fondest memories is seeing my mother with her best friend and their Bibles laid out on our kitchen table. I knew she was praying for me. And because she prayed for me, I knew she loved me.

Our kids are challenged with high expectations

The Holy Spirit has been reminding me to pray for my kids. Why not take advantage of the carpool line and sit and pray? Here are a few helpful reminders of what we should pray for:


Lord, more than anything…I pray my children will come to know you as their personal Lord and Savior. 2 Timothy 2:10


Heavenly Father, please fill the hearts of my children with compassion and mercy as you are Lord. James 5:11


I pray my children will be tender-hearted and generous towards others. May they look to those in need around them and always be willing to share. 1 Timothy 6:18


Father, teach my children to be content in whatever situation they are in. Philippians 4:12-13


Lord, please help my children to be thankful for what they have and for everything you have done. Ephesians 5:20


Dear Father, Help my kids to show respect to those in authority over them, constantly being mindful of your commands. 1 Peter 2:17


May my children love others as themselves, through the Holy Spirit who resides in them. Mark 12:31


Open the eyes of my children to behold that they are created in your image. They have been woven together by your very hands. Genesis 1:27, Ephesians 2:10


Oh Lord please help my children to be responsible and learn the importance of working hard as unto you. Galatians 6:5


Father, I pray my children will learn and that you graciously grant them wisdom. James 1:5


When they fail (because let’s be honest, at some point, they will), help them see purpose in their failings. And may you be so kind to put their feet back on solid ground. Romans 15:13


This is a difficult one to pray for but yet, I know it is important. Please teach my children to persevere, fighting the good fight that you have placed before them. Hebrews 12:1


Create a clean heart, O God, in the hearts of my children and may they wholeheartedly pursue you. Psalm 51:10


Dear Father, please help my children to be a leader and stand strong. May they wisely discern between right and wrong and not be tempted to sin. James 1:19


Lord, please keep my children’s steps upright and may they make good choices because their hope is in you.Psalm 37:23

Have anything to add to the list? What are your kids biggest needs for the upcoming year?