What Do You Do With Summer?


Honestly…I feel like summer has hit my like a ton of bricks. I just wasn’t ready for it. We don’t have the kids signed up for camps. We haven’t had a wink to talk about vaca. And yet, it rolled right in like a tidal wave.

I always say my kids need some adjusting time. Time to wind down from the normal routine. Time to figure out how to spend their time.

But it’s hard

Our 3-year old hasn’t had a nap since summer began. The teenagers are too noisy.

The food pantry is almost always empty. Teenagers come and go on the drop of a dime.

For some odd reason…we’re still busy. Like really busy. Work deadlines and commitments every night .

And I find myself struggling not to be jealous with what everyone else on facebook, instagram, and twitter have going on. They are taking the best vacations…AND eating delectable food…AND making crafty crafts…AND doing what I wish I knew how to do. I want to sit by the pool. I want to have the energy to take my kids to do everything kids want to do. I want to keep my house spic and span. I do.

Jealousy is whenyou count someone else's (1)

I realized I struggle with discontentment when I take my eyes off of ALL that God has already done. He is GOOD. He is LOVE. He does PROVIDE.

Joy is found when I keep my focus on Jesus, not on everyone else within my sight

How do you overcome discontentment?