Week 5 Video: The Snapshot of Our Adoption

This video lesson, Week 5 of my teaching series on “I Didn’t Want to be That Girl! A Look in to the Life of Eve” is particularly special to me. This past fall, while I was in the middle of taping this series, we received the phone call that our “gotcha day” had finally arrived. We had been waiting nearly 2 1/2 years to for this day to come. Rather than put a stop to filming, we decided to bring the videographer along on our trip. It really is a testament about how our son’s story of redemption tied in beautiful to our Week 5 Lesson plan. It wasn’t by any means planned this way from the get-go…but rather something our Masterful Creator had planned long, long ago.

I hope you take the time to watch…even if you never lay eyes on the Bible study. My prayer is that you will be encouraged, knowing full well that through the blood of Jesus Christ, redemption was paid for you as well.

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