I stumbled upon this blog post as I was looking at my friend’s former church (she just moved from Atlanta to Austin)…and it is a great segway from yesterday’s blog post titled, “How is God Leading You?” The blog resonated with me because, like you…

I am diligently seeking God for some answers.

I am daily seeking Him to direct my steps.

I am desiring to discern His voice.

And, yes, I struggle to believe God will work my situation out for good.

I know there are some of you who are daily, desperately seeking and waiting to hear from God too. I know because you are waiting to bring your orphans home. You are waiting for chemo to take affect. You are struggling to hear God’s still, faint voice. You are waiting to make business decisions. You are waiting for test results. You are dying for something…anything…to change.

Yet others are wondering, “God, are you even real?

I hope you find encouragement for your weary souls, as did I. Here is the quote that totally mesmerized me..

“We must set our gaze beyond today, and live for the great reward.” –Louie Giglio

I am praying for you…praying you will hear God. Believing in Him you will find rest. Trusting you will find Him there…in the empty spots. In the vacuum holes sucking you dry within. Here is the blog you must read…Be Still and Know My Voice.

Are you doubting God’s faithfulness? Will you trust with me…Yes Lord, you can!

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