Now What?

Stop. Look. and Listen.
Stop. Look. and Listen.

Have you ever faced a crossroad in your life? A fork in the road that requires you to make a decision…will you turn left or will you turn, right? We typically think that crossroads only occur in our lives when we are facing a monumental decision. But frankly, we face decisions each and every day of our lives. You are faced with a decision as soon as your feet hit the floor every morning. Who will you serve? Who will you allow to have control over your life?

Who will call the shots, so to speak, throughout your day?

Daily decisions are sometimes harder to make than the monumental ones. Because it is the daily decisions that have to be made Johnny on the spot. Without a moment to waiver as opportunities or situations arise. As the Holy Spirit nudges within you, you have just a split second to decide whether or not you will listen and abide. The Holy Spirit may be directing you to take a stand for what is right, or to zip your lip, or to be set apart and behave differently. Or perhaps the Holy Spirit is asking you to control your temper, or to love unconditionally or to not let your thoughts run rampant. Simply put, it is a crossroad. So then, what will you decide? How will you behave? Who will you listen to?

Can you think of a time in the past week where you faced a crossroad and made a poor decision? 

Oh, if I could be attentive to all that the Lord speaks to me and not only hear His voice but then have the boldness and courage also to follow. What a difference my life would be! I desire so deeply to know my Lord and Savior so that I can recognize the direction that He is pointing in my life. I want to be able to follow in His footsteps. And I hope that you do as well.

Remind yourself, God knows what is best for you.

He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. He also can see right through us to view the condition of our hearts. He can see the hurts and the pain and the sorrow. He can feel the rejection, loneliness and vulnerability. He knows our insecurities and fears. He understands loss and abandonment. He gets whatever it is that you are going through at this moment, at this time. He views your frustration and anger. He knows that this life is not always easy, that there will be bumps in the road. But my dear friend, we serve a God that is bigger than any of our problems and mightier than our greatest fear.

Psalm 48:14, “For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.”