You are invited to attend

A Night Together 2015

on January 17, 2015

at The Paramount Theatre in Austin Texas

with Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum and other guests

All proceeds benefit myLIFEspeaks and Dell Children’s Medical Global Outreach

**Tickets may be purchased directly from The Paramount Theatre website**

For more info, please visit

This event helps fund the daily operations of myLIFEspeaks, who operate an orphanage with disabled children, run a medical clinic directed by Dell Children’s Hospital, feed hundreds of children on a daily basis, educate restaveks (child slaves), and much more. Please come join me in this incredible evening of entertainment with a purpose.

2 Comments on “A Night Together 2015

    • Hi Tomiann,
      Right now, this is the only event we have planned in Austin for 2016. (But you never know…we may have something else coming based on an exciting conversation I had today). Otherwise, you can catch our next event in Nashville in the fall
      . I will be sure to post something here!


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