Mama’s First Kiss

There’s nothing quite like a Mama’s First Kiss!

We started our adoption journey nearly 2 years ago. The first time we met our son face-to-face was last June. To be honest, he was scared to death of my husband, my kids and me. As much as his nanny would try to persuade him to come to us, he was reluctant and scared. I remember leaving the Three Angel’s orphanage feeling completely deflated. I had these unrealistic expectations that he would just run into my arms and instantly bond. Or, at least give me a hug. No pre-adoption videos had prepared me for that moment. Although there may have been plenty of warnings,

I never imagined it would happen to me. But it did.

That was then…but this is now…9 months later. Our son, Comerson, reached out his arms for me today at the moment he saw me. Chills went up and down my spine. He remembers me! He knows I’m his mama! And then out of the pure blue, he puckered his lips to kiss me. Whew–heart pitter patters!

Have you ever thought that God delights in us–because we delight in Him?

That concept makes sense to me today. I took great delight in seeing my child love me and reach out for me. In the same way, God takes great pleasure in us delighting in Him.

Zephaniah 3:17, “The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save;he will rejoice over you with gladness.”