Country music star visits Dell Children’s Medical Center

Click Here: Country music star visits Dell Children’s Medical Center.

The day after “A Night Together”…here in Austin we were able to host Hillary Scott at Dell Children’s Hospital, where she visited with 3 precious patients.

Meanwhile, in Haiti, a child came in with appendicitis. Normally, this child would be sent home to die. In Haitian world, it costs 2 1/2 years salary for appendectomy surgery. Although the nurses in the myLIFEspeaks clinic knew that the child’s outcome would be terminal, they did not know what else to do.

Thankfully, we had a resident from Brack Hospital staying at our myLIFEspeaks clinic at the time. He was able to contact Coby and ask for help. Due to our “A Night Together” fundraiser, we now had available funds to send. This child’s life was saved! Surgery was successful!

I love God’s perfect timing!