A Night Together 2014

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum

In early November, Coby volunteered me to plan a fundraiser for our new medical clinic in Haiti. Sounds simple, right? However, there were many problems with this equation…and the main one was that it included ME. I have no fundraising experience at all. Zip. Zero. Second problem: people in Austin have never heard of myLIFEspeaks. Third problem: It sounds a bit intimidating to plan an event that includes a 7-grammy award winning singer, Hillary Scott (I love you Hillary, if you ever read this…but I’m just saying).

So, knowing that I’m in WAY over my head, I begin emailing every friend that I know to ask for their help. And guess what? They did! They were absolutely amazing! (Yes, I’m talking about the Albrechts, Barnes, Blackburns, Brights, Goldbergs, Hanveys, Iveys, Lambs, Mannings, McDonells, Minters, Prideauxs, Ross’s, Smiths and Teelers). Most had never heard of myLIFEspeaks. Yet, they showed up and dug in to help. And not only that, Dell Children’s Hospital decided to help out too!

Things went wrong–okay REALLY wrong.

Like invitations did not get mailed. (It was the holidays, y’all). Ticket sales were lower than expected. Our AV expert (who, by the way, was President of his High School AV Club) was sick the morning of our event. I’m not just talking a lil’ bit sick. I’m talking high fever and don’t let him out of the bathroom kinda sick. Hillary Scott & Chris Tyrell’s plane was not only delayed, but eventually cancelled. At the time our event was starting, their plane hadn’t even left Denver in order to arrive here in Austin. Should I panic?

For some reason, I didn’t (I am blond after all). I figured this thing was completely OUT OF MY CONTROL way before now! People seemed to be having a good time. And if nothing else, my fundraising history would be one and done.

The concert started 45 minutes late. I had no idea how people would respond to that. Only the live auction would really tell. At the end of the auction, people were asked to donate and guess what!? They did! They really did! We broke a record and raised more than any 1st year fundraiser at Dell Children’s!

Are you kidding me!? That’s freaking AWESOME! Thank you, AUSTIN!!!!
Avery Allen, Emma McClellan, Hillary Scott, Anna Claire Minter
Emily Pullen, Hillary Scott, Addie Allen, Sophie May